Loose Ends (in a fat suit)

A desperate husband. An intensely annoying wife. And the incompetent hitman he hires to kill her. A comic recipe for disaster, played out in the back alleys and apartments of New York.


Director Eden Vaschon
Cinematographer Isaac Alongi
Executive Producer Paul Gillingwater
Camera Assistant Ryan Breitenbach
Production Assistant Randy Calderone
Production Assistant Eva Rutten
Production Assistant Brett Greybill
Sound/Boom Randy Calderone
Visual Effects Paul Gillingwater
Make Up Cindy Recile
Writer Eden Vaschon
Editor Isaac Alongi


Edgar Pinski Brian Gildea
Killa Pete Howard
Ruth Pinski Tatyana Zbirovskaya (acting in a fat suit).
Stan Kratchet Richard Vernon
Neighbor woman Danielle Tyler
Svetlana Petrov Rachel Gibbs
Mama Petrov Diana De Rosa
Detective Patrick Shane
Doctor Ray Field

See more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SU0OJfE5RAg